Classic ASP pages inside a .net Core website

    Let’s say you are migrating a Classic ASP site to .net core - because you really should! And let’s say you can’t migrate all the pages at once, but you want the new site to be up and running as soon as possible. If so, you are going to need to find a way to run those classic asp pages in the new site… A .net Core web site arranges all static content (mostly front end resources like css and js) in the wwwroot folder in the project directory.


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    Switching to Hugo

    Well now. It’s been a while. This site used to be hosted on a wordpress install on a shared hosting server. Then I let it sit for ages and did nothing with it while I got on with work. But I’ve wanted to bring it back to life and get my teeth into something a little more in line with my expertise, so it’s all moved. It’s now a JAM Stack site, built via Hugo and running on Netlify.

    Merry Christmas and all that

    So it looks like it’s Christmas Day - and here’s our Christmas tree project for this year. Mounting a full lit and decorated 7 foot tree on top of a post amid the Thames. Quite a challenge, getting the tide timing right was critical, as it happened high tide also coincided with a thunderstorm and a police helicopter overhead. So even with the three of us, twas a bit tricky.

    The Most Newest Sainsburys in the World

    A very exciting day for us, our new Sainsburys Local opened at Kew Bridge. Such an anticipated event, we had barely climbed out of bed before we dashed over. Still bleary eyed and pyjama clad we stumbled around the aisles and marvelled at the, (actually quite good), range of products. We bought eggs, bacon, prosecco and other such essentials of modern living. Then the paralympic torch turned up. Wowsers! 2012 09 28 08

    I flew

    It was R Kelly who sang “I believe I can fly” - but taking that into the past tense is me with “I believe I have flown” - which doesn’t quite work as well and sounds a bit wrong - but hey. It’s true. I have. Courtesy of Eugene and the Barry Flying Club of Canada (, I took control of a Sky Cruiser Ultralight at about 4000 feet somewhere over Ontario and… flew about for a bit.

    How I ate my body weight in sushi

    ..and how you can too! Here’s how… go to New York visit Ichi Umi (6 East 32nd street - also in New Jersey) pay for the buffet optionally order a nice bottle of chilled sake (Honjozo my preference) fill your plate with a delicious selection of Nigiri, Maki, Sashimi.. whatever takes your fancy eat repeat steps 5 & 6 til stupid with food roll home…… Image1764

    Deserted Centreville

    In the summer, Toronto’s theme park in miniature on an island, Centreville (, will no doubt be packed with happy, screaming kids on their holidays. Visiting in early April gives a different vision. A bitterly cold wind sweeps across Lake Ontario, trees are bare and nothing is open. The occasional hardy jogger breaks the scene. The season is most definitely off. Later I find myself warming my hands under a hand dryer in a public loo.

    Around Lisbon (and how to get from the airport cheaply)

    I’ve been to Lisbon before - and also paid over the odds for a taxi - it’s surprising how things don’t change (or maybe not). Anyway everyone has to make a living, and sometimes the driver is really cool and gives you some inside tips and cultural perspective. So that’s ok. But hey - if you want to save a few pennies, then I’d always suggest figuring out how to get from the airport to wherever you lay your hat (and therefore is home) before you depart - even if it’s a shuttle bus to the city center (from where taxi’s will be cheaper) and then you can sit in silence with all the other tourists.

    Tram 28, Lisbon.

    Sweeping and rattling around a maze of cobbled streets and grand squares, pausing for the occasional errant car or pedestrian, Tram 28 takes you West to East (or tother way round, should you prefer) across a grand tour of Lisbon, taking in many famous landmarks, monuments, churches and gardens. For local transport, it’s the one to get, but ride the subway afterwards just to compare and contrast. Start at Martim Moniz and you’ll probably get a seat.