So, I’m in Hong Kong. I was supposed to be going to Japan, but come

Friday morning and as news of the Great East Japan earthquake was

breaking on television it all suddenly seemed like maybe not such a

good idea after all. A few calls to Trailfinders and I find myself

booked on the next flight to Hong Kong instead, with a view to maybe

going to Japan (if the situation gets better) or somewhere else (if it

doesn’t). As it turns out it looks like I’ll be in Hong Kong a little



Flight over was nice enough, though I made the mistake of choosing

Clint Eastwood’s new flick Hereafter as my inflight movie of choice -

which starts with a giant Tsunami destroying an island

paradise…hmmm… Having fired up my Kindle 3G on the way to the

airport, a bit of research revealed the best way to get out of the

airport to Kowloon was the A21 bus. Slower than the Airport Express

but great scenic views over the Tsing Ma Bridge, the seventh longest

suspension bridge in the world, plus a very evocative approach into

Kowloon itself along Nathan Road (see pictures).


Deciding I need a bit of luxury for my first night, I had engaged the

services of Amex Travel Services and booked a harbour view room at the

Intercontinental (video review to follow) and then decanted my

barely-there luggage for a quick night tour of Hong Kong. Which

involves a quick trip across the harbour by Star Ferry (highly

recommended - see pictures) and then the MTR underground train back to

Kowloon to see the Temple Street Night Market (where I had a Mango



The next day, news from Japan seems to be only worse so I decide to

stay in Hong Kong for a bit - however the hotel is too pricey so I

spend a little (actually lots) time researching other places to stay.

I find a converted ferry moored in the middle of Deep Water bay,

previously run as an addiction treatment center and just now as a

floating B&B - I am their first guest since the switch only happened

last week. I get seriouly lost trying to find the bus station, but

find it eventually (thanks to Kindle 3G and local help) and take a

scenic trip to Deep Water bay (up steep hills, skyscrapers looming on

each side).


And that’s where I am typing this from, on the South China sea, with a

remarkably good internet connection (not quite sure how that works).

WIll probably stay here for a few days at the least, until I figure

out what to do next….