Not quite, but alongside luxury apartments and hi-rises of Hong Kong, there are plently of semi-abandoned fishing villages dotting the coastline. This one, on the east side of Tai Tam bay seems to have been used as a military defence point during WW2. Plenty of the houses are now deserted, but a few appear lived in - at least some of the time.

Alex, one of the crew, jokingly said that zombies lived here but was quite happy to ferry me to the shore (even though he did look a bit nervous on the way across). Before I left, the Captain of the ship I am staying on (who everyone refers to as “the Doctor” …hmmm…) warned me about poisonous snakes in the area. Great, zombies AND snakes!

Pretty much as soon as we arrived at the village of doom (or whatever it was called), Alex got a call from the Doctor and had to return straight away. Leaving me alone…with the zombies.. and the snakes …and a very curious dog.

Of course, I didn’t see any zombies and no snakes either, but I did spook myself out walking round a creepy old empty village - maybe I should have gone at night. Anyway - enjoy the photos of old junk… and if you look closely enough…