For my last night in Hong Kong, I thought I’d do the street food experience. Right opposite my hotel (The Evergreen Hotel - cheap and decent wifi - essential for the modern traveller) was the Woonsung Street Temporary Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar (located here ) - a formidable sounding name and not the most high class dining experience you could imagine - but hey. This is real Hong Kong right? Where all the locals eat? Plus a quick google reveals a positive, nay glowing, review here (plus further information that this is a a traditional “die pie dong” place, popular in the 70’s). And it wasn’t far wrong - for 50 HK dollars (about 4.20 GBP), I get a pint of San Miguel beer (I asked for local beer, only to be told it was brewed locally!) and a huge plate of delicious Char Sui pork and rice. Yum Yum. As a plus, through the international medium of sign language, I was given correct instruction in the use of chopsticks by a friendly couple sitting opposite. Foolishly I had been trying to grip them betwixt by first three fingers and thumb - whereas now I sport a far more elegant two finger Hong Kong style. Get me. The gentleman in the party assured “practise for two weeks. you’ll be perfect.” And so I shall. — Some final thoughts - there’s a lot to Hong Kong - it’s one of the most populated places on the planet - and so there’s always more to discover. Even on the way to the airport, I was discovering new things a mere street away from where I stayed (like dropping in on a Chinese Checkers game in a local park). This may sound incredibly na├»ve, but I contrast it with the experience of Hong Kong being very familiar - there were times when it felt almost like I was in London (what with everyone driving on the right, double decker buses, English electric plug sockets…) Enough analysis - I enjoyed it immensely - and that’s more than enough.